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We’re only like, three episodes deep into Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta and the beef is going strong—no SKRONG—with various parties involved.

Stevie J (sans Joseline) is back in town, and he linked up with Scrapp DeLeon (who is “like a nephew to him”) to chat about the messiness going on in the latter’s life. Scrapp is dealing with his back and forth between Tommie and Tiarra, and felt that Stevie, of all people, could help him find a solution. Scrapp is also dealing with possibly having to go to jail (he’s still awaiting sentencing). We’ve been down that road before (hello, Mendeecees), so who knows how much time he might get, but until then, the situation that Scrapp can handle is what to do about his love triangle. It’s simple to us—as in let one of them go—but Scrapp seems to want a sister-wife situation. Surprisingly, Stevie thinks that Scrapp should just pick one and keep it moving.


You know it’s crazy when Stevie J is the voice or reason with regard to the matters of one’s love life, but then again, Stevie would know since he has been there…several times.


The Betty Idol storyline is still happening. Not only does she have beef with Tammy, she also seemingly has something going on with Scrappy and also has beef with Bambi (Tammy’s friend), as a result. She never gave a straightforward answer to D. Smith’s question (last week) about whether she’s smashing Scrappy or not, but she seemed quite cozy and flirty with Scrappy—all up in the studio and flexing on the Gram and Snapchat. You know how he does when a cute face and cute shape comes around. Mind you, Bambi claims they haven’t completely moved on from each other because he’s still texting her on the low about how much he misses her and what not.


Speaking of Bambi, she found out about Betty Idol’s altercation with Tammy and wasn’t feeling it so she stopped by Scrappy’s bachelor’s pad to regulate. In short, this scene was really dumb. Bambi complained about Scrapp’s modeling agency and how he never really gave her any opportunities but he’s so focused on promoting other women, yatta yatta. Then Bambi complained about Betty Idol and the whole Tammy situation. It got even dumber when they started fighting over their dog. Bambi won that round because she definitely went home with the dog. It’s only a matter of time before they get back together again…and Scrappy forgets to cut Betty Idol off. Storylines gotta storyline…

Smith and Tammy met up again. The backstory is, Tammy had a release party to celebrate her Black Men magazine cover. Tammy wanted to know why D. Smith wasn’t at the event and D. Smith said she just felt that it wasn’t her crowd. Translation: She still felt some type of way about Waka’s comments that she felt were transphobic. This conversation went all the way left and ended with them trading insults. Womp womp. Cheers to an alliance that never was.

Scapp D. brought Tiarra and Tommie together to try to get them to make peace over his impending potential jail time. He had the nerve to tell them to stop fighting with each other in the wake of his situation (not in those words, but that’s the gist of it), but he didn’t mention anything about breaking things off with one or the other. Tommie and Tiarra then started calling him out. Once again, Captain Obvious handed us the memo that Scrapp had been telling one Tommie one thing, and Tiarra something else. He wants them both, he doesn’t want to choose and they’re basically going to keep fighting until this is resolved. No hands were thrown tonight, but Tommie was vexed. She had this vein popping out of her neck situation that made everyone fear for Tiarra’s life. Luckily security handled that before major fade was delivered.


Next week, Joseline and K Michelle will make their big returns and we’ll revisit Joseline’s beef with Karlie Redd. It looks like it’s going to get majorly ugly.


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