Stevie J.

VH! got their own polygraph expert for Karlie Redd, Stevie is still antagonizing Mimi and Ty, and more.

Shekinah helps Kendra find her way back to Joc, Mimi and Stevie J still can't get right, Kirk and Rasheeda open a restaurant, and more.

Karlie Redd realizes that her relationship with Mo is not the move, Mimi confronts Stevie J about his passive-aggressive behavior and more.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back for another season with the same cast and even juicier storylines. Stevie J and his new wife Faith Evans run into some drama with Mimi, who insists she’s not upset they’re together but upset he didn’t introduce Faith to her before bringing her around their daughter Eva. Kirk […]

It looks like they’re going to be a Bad Boy reunion in the bedroom between Stevie J and Faith Evans. The former label mates, who dated at the end of 2016, tied the knot in their hotel room, TMZ reports. News broke earlier today that Stevie and Faith applied for a marriage license in Clark […]

Spice calls Tommie out for lacking accountability when it comes to her bad behavior, Tokyo Vanity and Tabius are cool, and Mimi has learned to stay out of drama.

Stevie J and Erica continue their displays of mutual hatred for each other, Tommie and Spice fall out again, Nina Parker is over it and more.

Stevie J ambushes Erica Mena with a visit from Rich Dollaz, Tommie apologizes for her raging alcohol-fueled behavior, and more.

Stevie J's daughter, Savannah, tries to fade Erica Mena behind all her reckless talk around Atlanta.

Karlie Redd gets a drink thrown in her face after her messy friendtervention with Sierra over BK Brasco's alleged cheating goes left.