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#TeamBeautiful caught up with two cast members of TV One’s hit series, “Born Again Virgin” to play a classic game of “He Said, She Said.”

Tank, R&B singer and chocolate sex symbol, plays Donovan in the series. Donovan is the ever so horny patient BAE of celibate Megan.

America’s Next Top Model alum and gorgeous diva, Eva Marcille, plays the rambunctious wild friend Tina, who isn’t giving up her sexy sex life, but supports her friend’s decision.

So, how does playing these characters translate into real life dating and relationship decisions for the actors?

Here’s how the celebs weighed in celibacy, sex, and dating:

How Do You Feel About Couples Waiting To Have Sex?

Tank: We move so fast into that area, we don’t give room or space for that initial energy and that initial connection to grow before we move to the next level. So there’s plenty of room for these types of relationships. The interests and the spark and all of the good energy is there in the beginning when you lock eyes with someone. We are so programmed to believe sex is the ultimate factor to decide if we are feeling eachother or not.  I encourage everyone to do what’s best for them. Everyone’s journey is different; everyone’s needs are different.

Eva: I think it’s a very effective method. I’ve done it. Any woman over the age of 30/33 has tried a vow of celibacy, because you’ve given it up, and it didn’t work out. You’re like, alright, how am I going to do this?

Then you realize what you have is a prize possession and it can’t be taken back. So once you start recognizing your worth as woman, you start restructuring and re-strategizing your dating game, and 9 times out of 10, sex is going to be taken off the table. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going right back on the table, but you gotta take it off so you have perspective and you can see more clearly.

What Are The Major “Red Flags” When Dating Someone New?

Tank: I was raised by women, so I was taught that catering to a woman starts off top. If he doesn’t open the door for you or start conversation with a hi, how are you doing? if it goes straight to some sort of game or some type of foolishness, than that’s kind of a red flag.

If a man was raised right, the simple things will show through in the beginning. If he cant look in your eyes when you’re having a conversation and he’s focused on other areas and the the first thing he notices about you and the first thing he brings up in conversation is that, then that makes you know what his focus is (sex) and where he’s trying to go.

Eva: When they try to do too much too quick. “Come meet my parents,” and you’ve only been dating for a month. On the other hand, when it’s 6 months in and the family is in town for a reunion and you don’t get an invitation, that’s another red flag. Timing is everything.

Do You Friends Play A Huge Role In Your Dating Decisions?

Tank: Not so much in terms of what they say or feel about her, but moreso how she’s able to interact with them. I have certain people who are like family to me, and as my woman you should be able to interact with them in the same capacity as I do. Other than that, if I like you, I’m rolling with you.

Eva: I’m the only girl, so I’ve been a loaner most of my life. Most of my big decisions like a job or a boyfriend, I call my mom because im a dork like that. In the last couple of years, I’ve learned to use my girlfriends, especially those women who really really know you, to really vet my guy.

I know it’s a thing among African American girls, “I don’t want them around my man,” but you know what, she knows you really well, so you might want her to get to know him. Your friends see what you don’t see. Your friends hear what you don’t hear. Your friends smell what you don’t smell. For some reason you’re right in front of the same person every day and none of your senses work, but your friends’ senses still work.

Well there you have it!

What say you beauties? What are your red flags? What are your thoughts about celibacy?

Tune-in to “Born Again Virgin” every Tuesday at 8:30/7:30c to see how Megan keeps her legs closed and Donovan keeps it together!


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