Haute Hair: Celebrity Hair Stylist Cynthia Meadows Takes This Drab Haircut To The Edge


When it comes to fierce cuts and seamless weaves, celebrity hair stylist Cynthia Meadows has the game on lock. From lacing the hair of stars like Teyana Taylor to reality favorites like Mimi Faust and Claudia Jordan, she also caters to the everyday woman who loves to look fab!

As working girls, we spend most of our time in the office; nor do we have a team of professional stylists catering to every fly away, which is why Cynthia is letting us in on her haute hair secrets.

In this three-part series, Cynthia teaches us how to go from day-to-night, fun-to-flirty and chic-to-edgy with the same hair cut.

Drab To Edgy

Edgy To Professional

Professional To Fun & Flirty

Grab your favorite beauty products (if you don’t have any, Cynthia gives recommendations) and pull take notes on how to transform your hair cut into these three styles.


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