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Wednesday night’s “Empire” episode was full of it’s usual drama. If you haven’t watched episode 5 yet, stop here, as there are spoilers ahead!

Lucious Beats the System Again

The episode opens with a news story saying that all charges against Lucious have been dropped. That corpse (Vernon) in Roxanne’s car was definitely persuasive.

In related news, word on the street is, Vernon committed suicide, but Cookie thinks Lucious did it. Wait until she finds out that it was Andre!

Andre is Back at Empire Records

Lucious welcomes Andre back to Empire Records with a party complete with strippers, but Andre isn’t feeling the situation. He might be happy to be back at the label, but something’s not quite right, you can see it on his face as he’s getting a lap dance. Later on we find out that Andre is trying to find Jesus.

Tiana Gets Got

Tiana gets robbed of her designer bag after a shoot, right at Lyon Dynasty’s offices. She doesn’t get hurt, but we all can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is a set up by Lucious. Later on the thieves send them a video where masked assailants are going through Tiana’s things and then they warn that this is just the beginning. Cookie says that they’ve been “marked,” and that these mysterious thugs are planning to extort Lyon Dynasty for money.

Jamal’s Relationship is in Jeopardy

The photographer that’s crushing on Jamal finally makes his move. He literally tries to go down on him, but Jamal tells him to chill out just as Michael comes in and catches what’s going on. It’s already not looking good for Jamal and Michael, because Michael is starting to get jealous, and he’s feeling insecure about Jamal’s success. On the other side, Lucious keeps telling Jamal that he should pretend to be single for the sake of his image.

Thirsty the Thirst Bucket

Now that Lucious doesn’t have to stick by his truce with Cookie, he’s back to sending his slimy lawyer Thirsty to do his dirty work. Thirsty informs Andre that Lucious would like for him to steal copies of Lyon Dynasty’s music. Andre, the newfound Christian version, says it’s not happening. He may not be working for his mom, but they’re cool, and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. This entire episode has been about Andre trying to find redemption, and as you can imagine, he’s almost too committed (for now). Dre has been confessing his sins left and right. It might not last long, but at least somebody is trying to be good.

Ne-yo Dishes Relationship Advice

Ne-yo is the voice of reason for Jamal, who is conflicted about whether he should bring his boo on the road or not. While everyone else (mainly Lucious) is telling him to give off the illusion of being single, and to not to take his relationship on the road. Ne-yo tells him to do what he feels he wants to do, and if that’s taking his boyfriend on the road, which is what he’s leaning toward, then that’s what he should do.

However, it eventually doesn’t look like Jamal’s relationship is going to go so well after all after he catches the shady photographer going down on Michael at a party at his house. He threatens to throw dude off the balcony and kicks him out, but his relationship status is to be continued.

Cookie Gets Thugged Out…Again

Cookie and her new promoter friend Laz catch two burglars trying to steal Lyon Dynasty’s masters. But you know what? These dudes don’t get far because Cookie and Laz got gangster. Both were packing heat and weren’t afraid to shoot. One of the assailants snitched and said Thirsty sent them.

Andre Gets Baptized

Andre finally gets baptized after his apology tour this episode, and his family actually came through to watch, even Jamal who was reluctant. Lucious, who also wasn’t trying to be there, straggles in late and surprisingly doesn’t burst into flames. Cookie tells Lucius to stop sending thugs to harass Lyon Dynasty, and Lucious plays coy. Meanwhile, we hear the reverend asking Andre if he agrees to turn his back on his old ways and accept Jesus Christ into his heart. Lucious doesn’t stay long because Andre getting dunked in the holy water gives him flashbacks from a moment when he was a kid and his mom kept dunking him in the tub for discipline, during a bipolar episode. Hopefully the point of all these flashbacks will be revealed soon. We get that Lucious was traumatized as a child, but it’s high time he either get therapy, or at least tell Andre where he inherited his bipolarity.

The Thugs Return

The episode ends with Hakeem getting kidnapped. Some thugs catch him while he’s jogging in the park, throw a sack over his head and…end scene.

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