Lucious Lyon

Andre plans to go through with killing himself despite Lucious' protests, Cookie wants Teri to tell Andre her big news, The feds are still coming down hard and more.

Andre gets more bad news, Jamal and Kai have a beautiful wedding, the feds are still pressing Lucious, Cookie gets some news from Terry and more.

Lucious and Kingsley attempt to move forward despite the FBI closing in on them, Cookie feels guilty for hanging out with Damon Cross and more.

Cookie Lyon puts moves on Damon Cross, but in a surprising way. The Lyon Clan rallies around Andre in his time of need, and more.

Andre gets bad news about his health from his doctor, Thirsty gets hemmed up by the FBI, Lucious and Cookie work toward putting on free concert for Empire fans, and more.

Cookie fights Damon Cross' advances for now but it's obvious that she's eventually going to give in to his charm, the feds pay Thirsty a visit, and there are still no answers for Andre's health issues.

Lucious makes another attempt to get rid of Kingsley once and for all, Andre's health is shaky, Cookie pays Tracy a visit to get her side of the story.

Kingsley confronts the Lyon Family with the shocking truth about his past, Andre's fate takes an unknown twist, and more.

Giselle finds out Kingsley's secret, Lucious and Cookie are starting to argue a lot more, Kai gets the lead on a juicy new story about Kingsley, and more.

Lucious and Thirsty plan to take it all at a poker game, Cookie travels around New York's landmark parks looking for talent, and more.

Cookie and Lucious score big after Devon makes his official debut, Jamel gets great news, Hakeem has another tantrum, and more.

Cookie gets a hot new singer, Giselle teams up with Diana Dubois, Jamal gets bad news about his boyfriend, and more.