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A healthcare strike has begun to take place in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and in the state of California. African caretakers expressed frustration with the government who did not agree to pay them a weekly stipend of $100 for treating and in being in contact with the Ebola disease. The $100 would be in compensation of their concerns, as this region of Africa remains in dire straits.

While America seems to be in the clear for now, with doctor Craig Spencer recently cured in New York City, at press time, American nurses have begun to march as well, particularly in California. In the United States, the medical field feels particularly unprepared with a shortage of tools and knowledge on how to more efficiently attend to it. With cases of it also in Dallas, Texas, Americans are asking for more rigorous precautions. National Nurses United stands behind the strikers, stating it’s no longer fair that they work “unguarded.”

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Past global plagues include the Black Death of the 14th century, and in the 20th century AIDS, but analysts are predicting that the Ebola outbreak could be the biggest in world history. At press time,  the death toll in Africa has reached 5,100, with 41,413 infected.

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