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While interning for Hello Beautiful this summer, I learned to adapt to many Black ways while having a joyful and enriching experience. I was enlightened with many cultural and communal things that I had never experienced working in an all white setting. We had fun constantly: being boisterous, and enjoying our own work environment everyday. For example, we created a 30-second dance party video (at the hands of social media management), made a “Sh*t Angry Black Women Say” video in order to spin off Michelle Obama’s experience when being heckled by an anti-gay protester.

I learned about and listen to talented Black musicians that I was not familiar with, as my taste in music generally consisted of white musicians (which I didn’t realize until coming to this office. I love Taylor Swift.) I became familiar with Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West and other popular Black artists. In fact, “I Have Nothing,” by Whitney Houston, has been stuck in my head all day, as I sing it with excitement and passion throughout the office.

I also became familiar with the lingo that my co-workers used. For example, calling me “boo” would be like calling me, “sweet heart.” I learned a copious amount of things being a white intern in a black office. I acquired a new music taste, along with a healthier and more vivacious attitude.

Thanks #TeamBeautiful!

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