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Chris Brown looking sad in courtChris Brown’s sweetly sincere vocals and his undeniably smooth and daring dance moves make him a star. But his reputation and perpetual bad boy attitude keep his career under harsh criticism.

Twitter is all a buzz with the trending topic, #RIPChrisBrown. Mashable says, he’s not dead, but his Twitter is. Because of his emotional outpouring via Twitter, it seems the powers that be took the initiative and deleted all but four tweets.

Chris is not the first celebrity or even the first Brown to let his emotions turn his hands into fists, however he is the first to continually allow himself to be consumed in the negativity of it all. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want a real comeback and doesn’t really care what we think of him.

None of us can forget what he did to Rihanna, but we can forgive him. I’m a firm believer in second chances, but once you screw that up, that’s it. Chris seems as if he doesn’t care if he screws up the second chance he’s been given.

Since the incident three years ago, Chris has managed to release a new album, collaborate with some of the industry’s elite and win a Grammy without being fully forgiven or even losing his record deal. Breezy’s publicist has got to be the hardest working person in entertainment. Someone give that person a raise! With Brown’s latest Twitter rant (since deleted), I’ve been left wondering–does this man care at all about his career or reputation?

1. Twitter Tantrum

Chris’ break from social media was short lived. I get it–he’s an artist and wants to be able to express himself freely, but Breezy’s a bit reckless on Twitter. His latest rant was a reaction to his “haters” about his Grammy performance. Breezy boasted that he’d took home his first Grammy and that it was “The ultimate F—- Off!” That’s a sure fire way to make folks love you. *side eye*

2. Haters Gonna Hate

Growing weary of all the people that condemn Brown is expected, but he’s got to do better in his reactions to them. Not everyone is going to love him or root for him. Choosing to go off on the people that are against him has to be exhausting. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it, especially when you’re a public figure. It’s as if Breezy’s never heard of dusting the dirt off his shoulders.

3. Guilty By Association

Between the rumors and photos of Chris and Rihanna being in the same place at the same time, we’re left to think that the two former lovebirds may be reigniting the passion they once shared. There’s nothing wrong with allowing love to conquer all, but Chris and Rihanna’s love was volatile and left Chris with a label that he’ll never rid himself of. So, my question is, why would you want to repeatedly be in the presence of someone who was a factor in creating your criminal record? In order to clean up Chris’ reputation, he needs to clean up his act and definitely his actions. Hanging around Rihanna isn’t the best way of doing any of that. Move on Chris, so that we can.

Do you think Chris Brown cares about his reputation?

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