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Those who were successful in this year’s cuffing season face the exciting new challenge of gift giving over the holidays. Selecting a gift for the new boo is as important as mom’s famous stuffing being present at Thanksgiving dinner- it will make and break the future of the relationship (yes stuffing is that serious). As a result a lot of unnecessary pressure is put on us to get the right gift, the gift that doesn’t send the wrong message and the gift that will continue to let love flow in your direction. One of the most common misconceptions of holiday gift giving is that it has to involve blowing your holiday bonus or losing sleep. I’ve come up with a budget-romance-trend-savvy gift giving guideline for those in new relationships twiddling their thumbs:


  • Do set a budget: I know we want our gifts to be a surprise but it doesn’t hurt to have a mini conversation about how much you should both be spending on each other’s gifts. This avoids any awkwardness when it’s time to exchange and unwrap.
  • Do get creative: Homemade pre-holiday dinner for two with mistletoe, a mix CD, Digital photo Collage, a sample of your art/writing.
  • Do opt for two or three inexpensive gifts: An article of clothing (not socks please), flowers with champagne or spirits.
  • Do drop hints: Gift giving is so much easier when you have an idea of what the other person wants
  • Do consider semi-precious stones if you are thinking about giving jewelry.
  • Do pamper: whether this is homemade pampering or a spa package, either way your sweetie will leave refreshed, de-stressed and a lot happier.
  • Do get your Teambuy Groupon and Living Social hustle on: Usually I’m a big critic of using coupons on dates, but to keep it 100, you can get sexy dinner, spa and getaway deals on these sites- use them!
  • Do invoke the senses: Gifts that are soft to the touch, delightful to the nose, or music to your ears are winners.


  • Don’t get hasty and buy a ring: Unless you are 110% ready to commit. Even a ring in semi-precious stones may give the impression that a commitment is in the future. If you just started dating chances are you are not at this stage yet. Slow your roll.
  • Don’t Give an Overtly sexual gift: Unless you’ve crossed that threshold and have no problems with your boo telling the family over dinner that for Christmas you got them a nice [explicit] and [explicit]. Save the sexy for Christmas after dark and get a holiday appropriate gift to go along with it.
  • Don’t get home appliances: Christmas ain’t a wedding and you are not married yet. Thinking about you while toasting bread does not exactly get you points with the object of your desire. Save home appliances for family and friends.
  • Don’t give gift cards: They are hands down the most unimaginative and unromantic gift known to man. If you want to make a lasting impression a gift card is not the way to go.

The main focus of the holidays should really be on creating memories with that special someone. Gift giving is not just money out of your pocket but a chance to build intimacy and find out more about your partner, after all the relationship is new. If you are finding that your partner is making unreasonable demands for gifts that are not fitting to the stage in your relationship, Caribbean vacation at 5-star resort or pink diamond ring then this may also be the time that you have to part ways.

Whatever the outcome make the holidays be about being with the ones who love you for you.

I’m curious, beauties have you received any down right awful holiday gifts from a significant other before? How did you handle the situation?

Is gift giving in relationships important to you? Why or why not?

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About the author: Telisha Ng is a freelance writer and author of the Goddess Intellect blog from Toronto, Canada. Connect with her on twitter @goddess_I  or send her an email

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