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The perfect way to give your mom a Mother’s Day she won’t forget is to make her breakfast in bed!

Here’s a handy guide from wikiHow with all the things you must remember to make your mother feel like the queen she is:

1. Plan the menu in advance. Buy the special breakfast the day before. If you cannot drive, ask someone to take you food shopping.

2. Prepare a breakfast that is easy for you to make. Do not make an elaborate breakfast, that might take a long time to prepare and then cook, and then clean up afterwards.

3. Make one of her ‘favorite’ foods. Prepare something that she might even have eaten for lunch many times. Do not make something new because she might not like it, and it would spoil your surprise and her enjoyment. Prepare Bagels & Lox, with some herring on the side, as this is usually served for a Sunday breakfast, or brunch. Add a glass of Orange Juice and a cup of coffee for an easy to make and clean up and delicious breakfast.

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