Maternal mortality is rampant in today’s world: one woman dies every 90 seconds as a result of pregnancy complications. Interestingly, 90% of these deaths are preventable. Here at HelloBeautiful, we want to raise support for the cause to reduce maternal mortality by increasing awareness about this tragic issue amongst our readers.

Many women across the world do not have access to trained health care professionals at suitable medical facilities. When women are denied care from good health facilities, they are more susceptible to, among other things, severe blood loss, infection, and unsafe abortion. Just because a woman has a low income or limited transportation services, she should not be denied the proper care that she needs for the well-being of herself and her child.

Christy Turlington Burns actively advocates to increase awareness and support for maternal and child health. She is the founder of an organization called Every Mother Counts, which aims to improve the lives of women and girls around the world. She is also the producer and director of a documentary film called No Woman, No Cry, which illustrates the stories of at-risk pregnant women from around the world. Take a look at the trailer for her video and become informed about what is happening in the world today.

The point is, more than 500,000 women a year die due to pregnancies regarding childbirth, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Join Burns on her mission to create a mainstream maternal health movement that will ensure the well-being of pregnant women world wide.

Here are some ways that you can help:

– Raising awareness about this issue is key in getting people more involved. Host a showing of the film No Woman, No Cry.

Join the movement for Every Mother Counts and keep yourself up to date on current issues involving maternal mortality.

– Share your story. Maternal mortality is extremely common and it is something that many women or their loved ones go through. Let your voice be heard and encourage others to take action as well.

What are your thoughts on this tragedy? Do you have more suggestions for how to get involved?

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