At least 100 women have been sexually assaulted in some way during protests in Cairo, Egypt’s Tahir Square, Jezebel reports. Human Rights Watch has found that during the protests of Egyptian Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, over the course of the last week, women have been under assault by large groups of men whose motives are […]

Imagine leaving your house at 9 a.m. to get some water and before you can even quench your thirst, your life is over before you even realize your throat was slit…to the bone. It’s such an impossible thought, but it’s exactly what happened to 14-year-old Gastina in Afghanistan. The Daily Beast is reporting that the […]

Big Sean’s new video “Dance (A$$)” lets the word “ass” reverberate through your speakers while you get a visual dose of booty from scantily clad girls for your viewing pleasure. Creativity peaked, I can assume, as Big Sean uses a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air motif to signify his “ass-rific kingdom” and finished things off with […]

Over the past two months, our Women In The World Column has aimed to inform our audience of current conditions of women with respect to issues such as woman during wartime, women’s rights to their bodies, women and basic human rights, women and marriage, women and maternal health, women and exploitation, and women in the […]

Over the past few weeks, we have been publishing Women In The World articles about the different characteristics embedded in our global order that affect women worldwide. One of the biggest problems that continues to keep women lower on the social ladder than the men is their lack of access to education. However, as Nicholas […]

Many of today’s women and children are being enslaved through the rampant sex industry around the world. Promised a better life and more opportunities, women are sold by their families only to find that they were tricked and are actually being sold into prostitution. There are different forms of human trafficking, all of which involve […]

In many rural areas, women are key actors in gathering and providing food, and yet their work is underpaid and they are often restricted from the fruits of their labor. In places such as sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, women contribute to 80% of food production, which includes planting, gathering, harvesting, and selling. Women essentially […]

The right to drive might seem obvious to us in the United States, but Saudi Arabian women are pressuring the government for the right to drive. Check out how!

Thousands of women a year fall victim to bride burning, a cruel punishment for a woman who cannot supply their husband and his family with sufficient goods after marriage.

Maternal mortality is rampant in today’s world: one woman dies every 90 seconds as a result of pregnancy complications. Interestingly, 90% of these deaths are preventable. Here at HelloBeautiful, we want to raise support for the cause to reduce maternal mortality by increasing awareness about this tragic issue amongst our readers. Many women across the […]

Gender inequalities have fueled several debates in history, from women having the right to vote to women in the workplace. While researching gender inequalities in different countries, I came across the controversial practice of female circumcision in Africa. This painful practice is perpetuated in Africa because of male domination embedded in the social and cultural […]

When we think about our world compared to a hundred years ago, it seems like we’ve made a lot of progress in terms of human rights, right? While I definitely agree that there have been improvements made in the modern age, I was completely caught off guard when I heard about the humanitarian crisis happening […]