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I pride myself on getting the scoop before any of my competitors and while I’ve had my fair share of wins, I have to admit I’ve had some fails in 2010.  From hookups, engagements to pregnancies (and yes there were many), here are 10 rumors I got wrong this year:

1) What’s Up With Nas & Amy Winehouse? Everyone favorite drunk Amy Winehouse was seen stumbling and leaning heavily on Nas, but thankfully he was only a prop and not her lover!

2) COUPLE ALERT: Taraji & Drake?? Even though they were spotted together on the 4th of July, I doubt any fireworks took place between these two.

3)  Lauren London May Be Pregnant AGAIN [RUMOR] I do think these two make a cute couple, but Trey took to the airwaves to shut this rumor down. Hmmm…Has anyone seen Lauren out and about lately???

4) Cassie Finally Dumps Diddy! [RUMOR] After all the ish Diddy has done to this chick, she still hasn’t grown a backbone and dumped his ass!!!

5) LeBron James Finally Proposes To Longtime Girlfriend Savannah Brinson [RUMOR] LeBron is not ready to settle down with the mother of his two children…guess he wants to see what Miami has to offer!! (yeah I said it…we all know Miami has the hottest groupies in the country)

6) Christina Millian preggers again [RUMOR] Why would you let someone who served you divorce papers while you were pregnant with their child knock you up again?? I can’t believe I fell for this one!!!!

7)Amber Rose May Be Pregnant With Fabolous’ Baby [RUMOR] Not your average mom!! This chick wanted a man to choke her and spit in her face!!

8)Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye’s Baby? Serial dater Kim Kardashian hoped to be a housewife and have four kids by now..Better luck next year Kimmy!!

9)Beyonce Is Pregnant? How many times did we hear this one? If I had a dollar for everytime Bey was preggers I could’ve fed an entire third world country!!!

10) Mariah Carey is pregnant, then she wasn’t, then she was again, and she was finally !

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