Best Of 2010

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Some of the biggest celebrity couples called it quits in 2010. Even the ones that we thought would always make it didn’t get through the year without breaking up.

Celebrity husbands of 2010 were plagued by scandal and controversy. However, most of the time, it was their fault, so don’t feel too bad. From cheating on their wives with employees, friends of the family, porn stars and Hollywood starlets, celebrity husbands couldn’t keep their passion in their pants or their wedding vows in tact. […]

While oil washed onto the shores of Florida, Democrats got wiped out of the House and Glenn Beck brought the Tea Party to Washington, Black Planet members were equally busy debating how these stories were not only affecting them but impacting the future of African Americans. However, none of that really matters because what bubbled […]

HelloBeautiful presents our annual selection of the Best (and Worst) of 2010! CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE! Biggest Celebrity Break Ups Of 2010 The dream was just one of several husbands who gave their women grief in 2010. Are They Or Aren’t They? 15 Fake Celebrity “Couples” Of 2010 [PHOTOS] Where these couples trying to get attention? Or […]

Rihanna always gives us a reason to say FAB or FUG. Here’s the best and worst sightings from Rihanna in 2010!

There were a lot of rumored relationships in 2010. When it came to celebrity “couples,” we never knew who was really dating who. After reading Tyrese’s rant about “media whores”, we started wondering which relationships were real and which were fake. So, we’ve compiled a list of our top 15 headline-grabbing duos of 2010. Which […]

2010 was an exciting year for the fashionistas…From rompers, booties, leopard prints, military inspired pieces ,over the knee boots, and fabulous accessories that took an ordinary outfit from ho-hum to sleek, chic and edgy. Take a look at some of our favorite trends of 2010: If you want to see more, click on the links […]

In 2010 there were tons of celebrity WTF moments and we’ve got them all right here! Check out the craziest celeb sightings of the year and ask yourself what the f*** was she/he thinking?!?

This year we saw some of the most highly anticipated babies born this year. Check out who had little bundles of joy come into their lives in 2010.

I pride myself on getting the scoop before any of my competitors and while I’ve had my fair share of wins, I have to admit I’ve had some fails in 2010.  From hookups, engagements to pregnancies (and yes there were many), here are 10 rumors I got wrong this year: 1) What’s Up With Nas […]