Meghan Markle has been credited for the resurgence of this tattoo trend, but does it need to end?

Jhene Aiko tattooed an image of Big Sean's face on her arm so we know it's real.

Sexy, alluring and sentimental are just some adjectives that getting “tatted up” can bring to mind. 

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa may be one of Hip-Hop’s cutest couples, but Amber’s latest expression of love for her baby’s father concerns me. Tattoos aren’t as permanent as they used to be, what, with laser removals, cover ups and all, but this large display of affection is almost obsessive. Must Read: Ciara & Future […]

How many tattoos does Rihanna have? Rihanna has 17 tattoos, according to most websites, and the R&B superstar has never been shy about showing off her ink. Rihanna’s tattoos include: – A treble clef and musical note on her foot – “Love” on her middle finger – The Sanskrit prayer “forgiveness, honesty, suppression, and control” […]

Tattoos can be sexy, fun and rebellious but here’s seven places a woman should never get a tattoo! 7. Breasts Before you think about getting a rose or a name tatted on your boobs think about how you’ll never be able to wear low cut shirts without someone seeing that ever again. 6. Ass Tatts […]

Rihanna has gotten more tattoos; one in tribute to rapper Tupac (and the infamous ink on his stomach). She already has 14 tattoos.

When the photo of a fan who had Drake’s name tattooed across her forehead surfaced last week, we were in shock – along with the rest of the internet world. Despite her obvious desire to show her love for the rapper, we wondered why a tattoo artist would go through with the request. It seems […]

Temporary Lip Tattoos? This may be the strangest fashion trend we’ve seen in a long time. Yes, even weirder than the knee jewelry. Violent Lips is a temporary lip tattoo line that offers vitamin-enhanced applications for your lips in prints and patterns ranging from glitter and polka dots to fishnets and rainbow stripes. It’s totally […]

Rihanna is spending some time with Matt Kemp in NYC before he’s back to playing ball.

Which R&B singer recently tatted his forearm with the caption “FAME”? This one is a no brainer. We’ve lost count of how many tats Chris Brown has, but add this one to the list. Guess Who? Chris Brown’s “Bromance” Embrace [PHOTOS] Chris Brown’s Model Girlfriend Has Moved On With Rob Kardashian [RUMOR]