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Sexy, alluring and sentimental are just some adjectives that getting “tatted up” can bring to mind. 

But what if that once sexy display of ink on your foot or forearm is now one that you’ve grown sick of? Maybe you have an important job interview and want to make a professional impression, or maybe the dress you’ve set aside for a special event doesn’t really look too special anymore due to those body markings you decided to put in a spot too “out there” to actually cover up. And the doozy of all ink ills: your relationship is over but you’ve still got an unfortunate tattoo of his name. Fortunately, there are some tried and true ways to remove that body ink (and other visible imperfections) while keeping your beautiful brown and black skin intact.

Laser Removal

Permanent? Yes. Easy? Definitely not. Having your tattoo removed by laser can be painful and cost anywhere from $250-$850 per session (the amount of sessions will vary per person). This option is only perfect if you have the funds, a high tolerance for pain and are absolutely sure about permanently removing your tattoo.

And according to experts, the best candidates for this procedure are people with fair to medium-light complexions who have darker ink applied sparsely and close to the skin’s surface. So where does this leave deeper skin tones who aren’t considered the best candidates for this sort of procedure? People with darker skin tones can absolutely get lasered, but must proceed with caution as it can cause hyperpigmentation (excess pigmentation or darkening of skin) or hypopigmentation (excessive lack of color).

Good Old Makeup

This is a temporary solution, but it is also much less expensive and no longer means enduring pancake-heavy creams and powders. Chemists have created several options of lightweight, full-coverage formula with sunscreen that not only hide tattoos, but also cover stretch marks, spider veins, bruises, scars and burns. These formulas are meant to cover large skin surfaces like your legs, arms and thighs. Depending on what brand you select, you can wear it for up to 16 hours and many are smudge- and transfer-resistant.

A time-consuming solution, but a solution it is! Do you have tips or tricks on covering your tattoos? Leave us a comment below!

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