A few weeks ago I paid a visit to Body by Brooklyn to help a friend out with some promotional photos for the brand. My close friends know spas are NOT my thing. I’ve never been a huge fan of massages, I’ve had one facial in my life, and sitting in community water was not […]

If you’re like me, you think of two things with you hear or read the word relaxation: sleep and spa dates. Candace Holyfield, who is affectionately referred to as “The Six Figure Spa Chick,” has broken new ground in the beauty and spa industry for African American Spa professionals with The Queen Spa Expo and The […]

It’s fall beauties and besides the beautiful transition of the leaves from green to bright reds, oranges and yellows and the need for all pumpkin spice everything, this is the best time of year–it’s Spa Week! This means that you can get fresh for fall from all this week (until October 26th) with $50 treatments […]

Name: Jamila Thompson Title: CEO of Rub A Dub Spa Parties For Kids, Inc. Education: 7th Grade Previous Job Experience: Being an awesome kid with amazing ideas. Author of “You Work It Girl: A Tween’s Guide to Beauty, Fashion and Other Cool Stuff.“ HelloBeautiful: Briefly describe your day to day activities and responsibilities as CEO […]

Want to pamper yourself for half the cost of what you’d spend at a spa? Here are some simple tips to create a relaxing spa-like feel at home: 1) Choose serene colors: Spa colors are serene, so stick to muted greens and blues, or light to medium earth tones. 2) If you have pictures in […]

Who really has the money these days to go to a spa? Want to get the glow that you get at a spa on the cheap? Here’s what you need: 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup raw oatmeal 1 cup olive oil Mix all the ingredients together and then apply on dry skin, using your […]

Be it just before that time of the month, a family life that just won’t slow down or a job that’s got you run down, it’s the perfect time to sneak away and do a little something for yourself called Spa Day at the homestead. Alone-time really does wonders to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul so pop your […]

We could all use a little rest and relaxation.  What’s something that undoubtedly gives you just that? Pampering.