Haute House

Haute House

73% of American home owners are planning to do renovations on their home this year. HGTV star and real estate expert Egypt Sherrod gave us some advice on which projects they should tackle first common misconceptions, and more. 1. Plan for the unexpected (mentally and financially!) No matter how well you plan, every homeowner will […]

Judging by his high-profile clients, Lenny Kravitz’s interior design company is definitely making him a pretty penny. According to reports, the actress Jennifer Aniston recently hired her retro-rocker friend and his interior decorating firm Kravitz Design Studio to lay out her Bel Air mansion. Aniston said she chose Kravitz, who also designed the set of […]

Fall officially kicks off this Sunday and if you’re like me, you’ve been staring at your decor all summer, longing to change the colors the same way the falling leaves are changing under your feet. Must Read: 25 Of The Best Looks From Our Favorite COVERGIRLS Below please find tips and examples of simple updates […]

Our first date was impromptu. We met on the street in Brooklyn, where I live. I was walking home, head down, hyper focused on picking the right song to act as a soundtrack on the six block walk to my house and checking Instagram for all the images that I missed while on the train. […]

I’m a huge football fan, and even though my team (NY Giants) didn’t make it to the big game this weekend, Homegating is a great way to spend Super Bowl Sunday with family and friends. Recreate the stadium experience at home by hosting a kick-ass party that is guaranteed fun for every football fan with […]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made headlines recently with their announcement that they’re having a baby. And if you’re wondering what would this uber rich couple would want for their baby who could have ANYTHING his or her little heart desires, I’ve scoured the internet to pick out the most luxurious items that would look […]

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and if you’ve been lucky enough to be the guest rather than the hostess, it’s important that you bring a gift to show your appreciation. Here are 5 hostess gifts I would want if I were hosting turkey day that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Slate Cheese Board and […]

It’s hard enough to share your space with a roommate. But in an environment where you’re sharing closet space and laundry duty with your loved ones things can get really tense, and well as women, we just take over. His space becomes our space, our space becomes my space–and then we’re arguing over why I […]

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and stepping into this luxurious 24-carat gold bathtub. This masterpiece by Italy-based Devon & Devon  showcases their Midas touch on their new range of bathtubs. This tub is the definition of true indulgence and is a treat to the eyes. Featuring a manual application of 24-carat […]

I think we are all guilty of buying that same white shirt–6 times. Sadly, when we do venture out to the wild side of style, that animal print shirt sits quietly in the corner of our closet. Mainly because most of us, who aren’t stylists, have no idea how to pair our bold pieces with […]

Now that fall is here and you’re looking to add some warm hues to your home, you don’t have to spend a ton of money by bringing in big ticket items. Incorporate color by adding a few accessories here and there, and why not start with these red-hot lamps! Vicco Table Lamp $64 at walmart.com […]