Summer Guide

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Have fun people-watching, street-style stalking, and more at these fun events this summer!

Whoever told you, Spades is just a card game, lied! Spades is an intense game of skill, memory and tactic that requires one’s full attention. This means, when you and your partner sit down at the table, phones (and all distractions) are not welcomed. This year, at the community cookout, don’t be the person who […]

The summer is seriously winding down now! Back in May when we were all anticipating our summer plans, going to the beach was one of the first things on our lists.  Just because it’s getting a little windier doesn’t mean that you need to stop thinking about sinking your toes into the sand.

We could all use a little rest and relaxation.  What’s something that undoubtedly gives you just that? Pampering.

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh cut flowers. Or the taste of a tomato that was just picked.  Use your time this summer to give back to Mother Nature while growing your favorites outside.

Everyone loves eating, and everyone loves being outside: So why not combine the two?  Pack your foods and pick your favorite place in the park to enjoy fine dining while soaking up the sun!