National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is Sunday, Feb 7. Do you know your status?

When she was first diagnosed with HIV, Vuyiseka Dubula was just an impoverished, 22-year-old Black woman living in a Cape Town township who couldn't afford her own medication. Now she's one of Africa's most fearless warriors in the fight against HIV. Here's her story.

I'm genuinely excited to see Amber Rose going out to host an event that is highly significant to (and emblematic) of the contemporary feminist movement. But with such a divisive and alienating part of the movement, doesn't SlutWalk warrant a harmonious response from a united front of black women?


  I get three separate reactions whenever I admit my aversion to talking about my sex life. The first is that my “shyness” or embarrassment is cute, and I get that “Aww, sweetie!” coddling. Second, which is a rarity, but has happened; I get the “Girl, me too. People don’t need to know about my […]

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. We can’t keep her name out of our mouths. I have a very contradictory outlook on the corset-clad, pelvic bone-popping pop culture phenom. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Beyonce’s undeniable talent. It’s not even that I am sick of seeing this blonde-haired beauty over saturate my screen. It’s more because I […]

Carrie Bradshaw is my imaginary Caucasian big sister who I admire in almost every sense and aim to emulate. Needless to say, when ‘The Carrie Diaries–” a show that flashbacks to Bradshaw’s teen years–aired, I was all in. I felt slightly lame for being so amped to watch a show whose audience is probably matriculating […]

Sex is everywhere. No matter where you go, it’s in your face. It’s the cute John going for his morning jog while on your way to work, or the hot Jane waiting for a bus. You can’t change the channel or flip through a magazine without being bombarded with sexual images. And despite how common […]

Dear Gay Best Friend, I need some understanding. My 17-year old son revealed to me that he is bisexual. I have always thought that he was gay. I think I understand gay and lesbian. Please inform me on bisexuality. I asked my son if he was using prophylactics and he said, “Yes, all the time […]

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Artists Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are running their own fashion shows with their insane outfits – headdresses and all.  Though they both continue with the mainstream theme of overly-sexualizing female artists, they both have taken bold and distracting strides against it by having incredibly “out there” music videos.