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Sex is everywhere. No matter where you go, it’s in your face.

It’s the cute John going for his morning jog while on your way to work, or the hot Jane waiting for a bus. You can’t change the channel or flip through a magazine without being bombarded with sexual images.

And despite how common place sex is, some women still don’t speak honestly about their wants, needs, questions and even regrets regarding it. In a documentary “Subjectified” nine women across the U.S. let their hair down, and forget about the rules of society and kept it all the way real about sex.

These nine Janes of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and places in life, talk about their sexual experiences.

Hmm. Interesting.

Now we at HelloBeautiful have never been shy, but what do you think?  Think women can now be more vocal about sex without meriting a side eye? Or no matter how classy, smart and sexy we are, it’ll always be a man’s world? Tweet us your thoughts at @Hellobeautiful.

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