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Carrie Bradshaw is my imaginary Caucasian big sister who I admire in almost every sense and aim to emulate. Needless to say, when ‘The Carrie Diaries–” a show that flashbacks to Bradshaw’s teen years–aired, I was all in. I felt slightly lame for being so amped to watch a show whose audience is probably matriculating through high school by day and hanging One Direction posters on their walls by night, but my love for Carrie and inner geek outweighed all shameful feelings.

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When the first episode premiered, I anxiously tuned in, and each week I found myself pleasantly surprised at how consistently good the storyline was—even to a 26-year-old. Last week, though, it dawned on me as to why I was so engrossed. The plots were super mature and set up like a mini “Sex And The City,” which I obviously expected, but without so much sex.

Both of Carrie’s BFFs, Maggie and Mouse, are in sexually active relationships. Maggie constantly cheats on her boyfriend (a peer eventually catches her) with a local policeman who she frequently has sex with in the backseat of the patrol car. Mouse ends her relationship with her college boyfriend after realizing sex and their intense relationship is jeopardizing her grades, only to later hook up with the school jock and have sex with him after school in a classroom. While no nudity is shown in any of the episodes, there are still sex scenes imply a lot of what’s going on.

The show has such strong plots so I didn’t even realize how disturbing it all was until the last episode. Last week, Dorrit, Carrie’s 14-year-old sister, lost her virginity to her 18-year-old boyfriend! The intimate scene starts off with a very emotional Dorrit, crying tears of gratitude to her boyfriend for making her “happy, so happy I just couldn’t handle it for a second,” for the first time since her mother’s death. She confidently convinces him that she’s “ready to feel everything” and when their scene returns, the two of them are asleep in his bed, him shirtless and her swaddled in his tee.

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