Stick a fork in Hollywood Exes, because it is done. The reality show featured and executive-produced by Nicole Murphy who starred alongside Sheree Fletcher (Will Smith’s ex-wife), Mayte Garcia (Prince’s first wife), Andrea Kelly (R. Kelly’s ex-wife) Jessica Canseco (former wife of retired MLB player Jose Canseco), Shamicka Lawrence (funnyman Martin Lawrence’s second wife) and Shanna Moakler […]

You may know Andrea Kelly as the former wife of R&B singer R. Kelly, but the professional choreographer, dancer and mother of three hasn’t let the failed marriage keep her from dating again. In fact, Drea revealed on last night’s episode of “Hollywood Exes” that she was engaged to Brian McKee, a barber! And a he is […]

One of Eddie Murphy’s baby mamas has filed a big fat lawsuit against the producers of “Hollywood Exes.” According to TMZ, Tamara Johnshon insists Lynch-Dyson Entertainment stole her idea for the popular VH1 realty series. She claims she pitched a similar concept in 2008 for a show called “The Hollywood ExClub,” inspired by her own […]

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Shamicka Lawrence’s divorce from comedian Martin Lawrence is still pretty new, but she’s moving on, trying to co-parent their two daughters, as well as figuring…

Andrea Kelly may have been a secret R. Kelly kept under wraps for years, but since we’ve gotten to formerly meet her in VH1’s “Hollywood Exes,” we’ve realized she’s definitely one of his best kept secrets. The dancer, choreographer, actress, fashion designer and reality show star is becoming a “thing” outside of her musical genius […]

We’ve come to the end of the road for our “Hollywood Exes” and it’s been one wild ride but it looks like all of the ladies have accomplished the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the season. Sheree has been set on staying in LA since episode one but she knows that […]

This week on “Hollywood Exes” the girls are able to put their drama aside and come together as friends. First, Mayte and Jessica decide to meet to discuss their friendship or lack thereof. It’s great for them both to be able to meet alone without the other girls’ opinions getting in the way, and laying […]

Drama is still rising between the “Hollywood Exes” and it looks like the girls are starting to split into teams. Andrea is definitely on Mayte’s team following the drama that went down last week between Mayte and Jessica. Sheree and Andrea would understand Mayte’s behavior if she was a teenager, but the problem is that […]

The “Hollywood Exes” are back from their vacation in Palm Springs and although the vacation has come to an end, the drama is still in the air. Andrea meets with Percy and gives him the details on all the drama that went down over the weekend, including the subject surrounding Jessica’s abortion. Like HelloBeautiful On […]

Andrea Kelly is R. Kelly‘s ex-wife and one of the stars of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes,” but a lot of people didn’t even know he was married! In her interview on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” Andrea Kelly talks about why she believes R. Kelly kept her a secret during their marriage, and she explains the benefits […]

This week, our “Hollywood Exes” head off on another getaway to Palm Springs at Bing Crosby’s former estate but unfortunately, things aren’t all butterflies and roses because there is drama. Sheree brings the girls bikini shopping for their vacation. Nicole wants Mayte to wear a purple bikini and channel her inner Prince, even though she’s […]

On this week’s episode of “Hollywood Exes”, Andrea gets her groove back and meets a new boyfriend! But first, Nicole is stressed out. She’s suing her money managers and then she just sold her house and now has to move and find a new house of her own in a month. She meets with her assistant […]