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This week on “Hollywood Exes” the girls are able to put their drama aside and come together as friends. First, Mayte and Jessica decide to meet to discuss their friendship or lack thereof. It’s great for them both to be able to meet alone without the other girls’ opinions getting in the way, and laying all their feelings on the table. Jessica opens up about her abortion and tells her that it led to reproductive issues and miscarriages and reveals that Josie is her miracle baby considering all the problems she went through post-abortion.  Their discussion actually brings them close together considering they both went through similar experiences.  “That’s what girlfriends do. We fight, we kiss and we make up,” Jessica says. I’m glad that these girls are able to fix their problems without bringing the paws out.

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Nicole, on the other hand, is concentrating on her business ventures. She’s started her own clothing line and is preparing for her first show to present the line to potential buyers. When she goes to look at the pieces, she’s not very happy with what she sees because it doesn’t match up to her standards. “We’re screwed,” Nicole’s business partner says. Those words aren’t too comforting, considering that the show is only a few days away. YIKES!

Nicole’s business plans aren’t the only ones going wrong, Drea is also having trouble with her dance classes because they aren’t going as she planned. She decides to put on a showcase to attract new clients and plans the whole thing as a charity benefit. Drea meets with Jessica to ask for her help with the benefit. Drea’s vision for the charity is to support women in abusive relationships. Jessica (like the rest of us) is stunned. Who knew Drea was in an abusive relationship in the past? “I started the foundation because I wanted to do something for women that celebrates the women that made it out. That’s very, very difficult,” Drea says. The girls realize that they both went through abusive relationships in their pasts, and because of their similarities, they form a strong bond.

When the time comes for Nicole’s showcase, everything is just bad from the start. Her business partner is late bringing the clothes in so they can’t set up, there are no refreshments, no music and everything is just a disaster. Sheree and Jessica arrive and start serving drinks to loosen up the mood, and Nicole scrambles to get everything done. When everything FINALLY gets taken care of, Nicole’s clothes are amazing. All of their hard work paid off, and the buyers love it!

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