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On this week’s episode of “Hollywood Exes”, Andrea gets her groove back and meets a new boyfriend! But first, Nicole is stressed out. She’s suing her money managers and then she just sold her house and now has to move and find a new house of her own in a month. She meets with her assistant to discuss houses and all of the other things she’s going through. While she’s house hunting, she comes across a house that she likes but it’s not exactly what she wants. She wants to add a movie theater and a bowling alley in the house, and appears a bit annoyed that the house doesn’t have either. Rich people problems.

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Meanwhile, Jessica gathers all the girls to go to a single mixer but when they arrive, they see that the guys that are at the mixer are not quite their type. The matchmaker at the mixer has them play a few games and pairs the girls off with random guys.  Unfornunately, the match making doesn’t go too well but Andrea isn’t too upset bcause her assistant has a barber who happens to be single and shows a little interest in her. She calls the barber, and they have a nice  conversation over the phone, and according to Andrea’s little school girl giggles, it looks like she might just have an attraction to this barber.

When Drea finally goes on the date with Percy the barber, she is thoroughly impressed because homeboy is FINE. Her biggest fear is when it comes time to drop the bomb about who her ex-hubby is, which in the past has always been the deal breaker. When she tells Percey she was married to R.Kelly, his initial reaction is shocked, but once he gets over it, he’s actually pretty cool with is. He tells her, “I don’t care who you used to belong to”. Looks like Percy might be a keeper! Go Andrea!

Andrea decides to bring Percy to Mayte’s party where the girls are going to perform a belly dancing routine. The other girls are excited to meet Drea’s new boo, and they arrive at the party in full belly dancing gear.

As planed the girls start grilling Drea and Percy, but they handle it very well. Sheree is taken aback when Percy admits that he has two kids by two different women, but gives him a pass because he says that he doesn’t like the term “baby mama”. Sheree doesn’t let him off the hook that easy though, “I’ve got my eye on him” she says.

The time comes for the girls to give their belly dancing routine, and Mayte surprises everyone with a solo performance and then invites the rest of the girls up to join her.

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