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Shamicka Lawrence’s divorce from comedian Martin Lawrence is still pretty new, but she’s moving on, trying to co-parent their two daughters, as well as figuring out what her next steps will be. Fans of of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” are getting to see some of that journey on TV.

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Shamicka is sweet and also so strong, learning how to live with lupus after being diagnosed while still trying to be an amazing wife and mother.

Find out more about her in the August 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister and get a sneak peek of the Q&A now.


Jamie: You look at Dave Chappelle and Richard Pryor: comedians are able to make fun of a lot of pain. But there’s a lot of stuff that’s inside them, and evidently he was doing too much. It was too much pressure—whatever it was. I’m glad that we don’t hear about that anymore.

Shamicka: Right. I think I had a hand in that. I just protected my family, and I think I was a good foundation for him. Black men in the business, I think it’s harder for them. It’s like they have to do double time, and it’s a lot of pressure. I mean, I honestly couldn’t tell you what he’s thinking and what his thoughts were, but I think at the end of the day I helped him just as much as he helped me grow and, you know, kind of relax. I think that was a lot of the situation. It’s just sometimes just when you get fame so fast and everything’s going at you, you just have to really learn who you are.

Shamicka talks more about Martin, “Hollywood Exes” and more in the August 2013 issue.





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