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The “Hollywood Exes” are back from their vacation in Palm Springs and although the vacation has come to an end, the drama is still in the air. Andrea meets with Percy and gives him the details on all the drama that went down over the weekend, including the subject surrounding Jessica’s abortion.

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Jessica feels like the best thing to do is to invite Sheree to lunch so they can both discuss their feelings. She first apologizes for her behavior and then Sheree apologizes too. They’re both ready to be each other’s friend again, but of course they’re going to proceed with caution this time.

Looks like things are well between Jessica and Sheree, but there is still some drama lingering in the air between the rest of the group. Mayte goes to a fertility clinic to see about freezing her eggs because she wants to get pregnant but she hasn’t found the right guy yet. The only problem is that Mayte is 38 years old and the success rate for women freezing eggs over the age of 35 isn’t too great. Since she’s feeling a little depressed, she meets up with Drea and Sheree to talk to them about her doctor’s visit and she gets sad all over again. Sheree tries to change the subject, but choses to talk about Palm Springs which is yet another touchy subject.

Mayte is still upset at Jessica and calls her a hypocrite. Sheree tells the girls that she’s already met with Jessica to clear the air, and Mayte admits that she’s hurt by Jessica’s abortion. “It’s not for me to judge or anything but I kind of feel like the way that it was said hit me deep in my heart because of what has happened in my life.” They think that Jessica is insensitive about her abortion especially around Mayte who has trouble having children. They all agree to have a sit down with Jessica about their feelings. This doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well.

Nicole goes and meets with Jessica because she wants to have her eyebrows tattooed on her. After she’s done getting tatted, Nicole gets a call from her realtor who tells her that her offer on her mansion has been accepted.

Jessica decides to tell her daughter about her abortion so that she doesn’t hear it from someone else. She tells her daughter that the abortion happened when she was seventeen which left her with serious medical complications and made it hard for her to conceive a child later on. She wants to prevent her daughter from making the same mistakes she made, and says that if she can do that then she is already winning. All of the girls meet up for dinner for the first time since their return from Palm Springs. Mayte is a little skeptical about seeing Jessica for the first time, but assures us that she has her walls up this time. Mayte tells Jessica how she felt, and Jessica apologizes but doesn’t look too sincere. Things between Mayte and Jessica continue to escalate which ends in Mayte throwing her glass on the floor and storming out of the restaurant. “Jessica’s behavior was antagonizing. Apologize and shut up!” Sheree says. The drama continues…

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