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We’ve come to the end of the road for our “Hollywood Exes” and it’s been one wild ride but it looks like all of the ladies have accomplished the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the season. Sheree has been set on staying in LA since episode one but she knows that the distance between her and her husband would cause problems in their relationship. She decides that the best thing to do to buy extra time to make her decision about whether to move or stay is to buy her hubby a Harley motorcycle. Even though she doesn’t like the idea of her husband having a bike, she thinks that she can use it as a tool to get what she wants. Smart thinking, Sheree.

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Andrea is still trying to erase the her ex-husband’s memory from her mind, and her body as well. She has his name tattooed on her back, and thinks that by adding the word “Jr.” to the tattoo it will be for her son’s name instead of her ex-husbands. “I got it on my back because it stood for ‘I have Robert’s back and he’ll always have mine’, Andrea says, which means that she definitely put a lot of thought into that tattoo. She’s a little nervous to make such a big change to something that once meant to much to her, but also thinks that changing the tattoo will signal the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another one.

Nicole and Sheree go wedding ring shopping, even though Nicole’s fiancé has no idea about this shopping adventure. Sheree and Nicole discuss having second marriages, and Nicole, who was at one time skeptical about marrying for a second time, seems to be very excited about joining with someone new. Of course they have their fears, their first marriages failed and since marriage is supposed to be forever, they are worried about their next ones. But when Nicole sees the rings at the jeweler, all fear goes out the window.

Andrea is preparing for her benefit and has recruited all of the girls to participate, even Sheree who may or may not be the best dancer. After their first rehearsal, Drea agrees to help Mayte get rid of all of Prince’s junk from her house. “It’s my youth, it’s what was, it’s the reminder of the failure, it’s everything,” Mayte tells Andrea as they start packing things away. Girl, it’s time to let that stuff GO! “I felt like my friend got her power back!” Drea says after they finished packing everything away. Good for you Mayte. Baby steps!

Sheree and Jessica go for a walk and are interrupted by a phone call from Jessica’s ex, Jose. She’s used to Jose only calling when he wants something, and of course, this time he’s asking Jessica if he can move in with her and Josie, AGAIN! Jessica can’t believe that he’s asking her this question again, and she instantly becomes emotional. SMH I hope Jessica doesn’t fall into his trap, again!

Back at rehearsal for Drea’s benefit show, things take a turn for the worse and Andrea is badly injured and has to go to the hospital and doesn’t think she’ll be able to perform at her upcoming benefit. After hearing from the doctor, it looks like she’s broken her foot, meaning that it’s no way she’ll be able to dance. But, the show must go on, and on the day of the benefit Andrea takes the stage in crutches and a taped up foot to introduce the girls. The girls come out and perform and even though they were nervous, they all did a great job, even Sheree! “At the end of the day we do have a sisterhood and we are good friends,” Jessica says.  The girls end the first season of “Hollywood Exes” with none other than a toast. Can’t wait to next season!

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