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Drama is still rising between the “Hollywood Exes” and it looks like the girls are starting to split into teams. Andrea is definitely on Mayte’s team following the drama that went down last week between Mayte and Jessica. Sheree and Andrea would understand Mayte’s behavior if she was a teenager, but the problem is that she’s , “forty and that’s half of eighty” according to Drea.

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On the flip side, Jessica and Nicole meet up to discuss the events that occurred previously. Jess admits that she feels bad about it, but only because Mayte didn’t bring up her issues at the right time. “In the normal person’s social handbook, throwing glasses on the ground is inappropriate,”Jessica says and I’d have to say I agree but at least she threw the glass at the ground and not at Jessica. Jessica is upset because she tried to reach out to Mayte through text about the abortion situation but Mayte ignored her text and brought it up during dinner only causing things to ger more heated. Jessica thinks she deserves an apology from Mayte while Mayte thinks she deserves an apology from Jess, but it doesn’t look like either have any intention on apologizing to each other.

It doesn’t look like these girls are going to have the chance to sit down and chat face to face. Jessica thinks Mayte is crazy and says that she can’t sit down in a room with her.

Mayte decides to go to therapy because even though she’s angry with Jessica, she’s upset with how she acted that night. Mayte explains the situation to the therapist, and the therapist informs Mayte that her emotions come from the loss of her child. When Mayte hears that, her emotions pour out and she’s able to understand where all of her angry came from.

Jessica invites all the girls to a polo match, everyone including Mayte. To everyone’s surprise, Mayte actually shows up to the match, and although things are awkward in the beginning, they all end up having a great time. Jessica pulls Mayte to the side to lay everything out on the table. They talk briefly and decide to be cool for the rest of the day and have a longer conversation about their differences later. “Thank the lord they both came back in one piece,” Drea says. Amen to that!

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