Felicia Hambrick wasn't going to let a pit bull maul her girl's infant. Thankfully, everyone is OK.

Three D.C. area besties, Ruth Chatman Hammett, Gladys Ware Butlerand, Bernice Grimes Underwood, celebrated their 100th year of life over the weekend at a ceremony at Zion Baptist Church, The Washington Post reports. All three were born in June or July of 1916.

Valentine's Day doesn't just have to be for lovers. This year the internet fell in love with two seniors who have been best friends for 71 years.

We tend to have a Black-White binary of race conversations in the United States, so let’s expand our minds to be more inclusive. Casual racism is something that almost all people of color face. It can be in the form of microaggressions, subconscious snap judgments, or even the way one’s body moves or is used […]

Growing up, the only thing that could separate me and my best friends Alexis and Shavon from hanging out was being put on punishment by our mothers. Aside from that, all three of us were tied at the hip, oftentimes walking home from school and then getting on the phone later that night to discuss […]

Drake is always starting some type of movement with his accidental advice-heavy lyrics. Remember when he was telling us to just live for today with his cult classic, “The Motto (YOLO)?” His lyrics littered social media status updates and had people blaming their erratic behaviors on the fact that they were taking Drake’s unsolicited advise […]

The saying is true: college really is the best years of your life. Not only do you live on your own, grow comfortable in your own skin and party until you pass out, you meet some of the most amazing people and those bonds grow into lifelong friendships. Fast forward four years to graduation, and […]

I try to practice forgiveness as much as possible. Not only does it align with my spiritual and moral convictions, but things just aren’t that deep! Through the years, I’ve endured my fair share of upsets and letdowns in relationships,  whether by family, friend or boyfriend. Must Read: CHICK CHAT: I Hate Breast Cancer For […]

Recently, I had to come to grips with the fact that the once 13-year friendship/sisterhood between a childhood friend and me is no longer existent. There’s a bitter tension stemming from only God knows where and why. I first noticed the separation when we went to different colleges. CHICK CHAT: Do All Men Who Like […]