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How far would you go for your best BFF? One Washington State woman showed her loyalty by throwing herself in front a vicious dog who was attacking her girl’s baby.

According to the News Tribune, Felicia Hambrick had her flesh ripped out by a pitbull when she was babysitting her best friend Casey’s three children, aged 6, 3, and 8 months, on October 27. Hambrick, 24, recalled that she was holding the baby to get her some apple juice, while the other two kids were watching TV and then her friend’s dog Roscoe “[was] frantic, trying to get out.” 

Soon after Casey’s mother, who was in the house, stepped outside for a cigarette and the dog ran out and leaped at Hambrick who feared for the baby’s life and shielded her. The agitated Roscoe then began to bite and claw on the friend as she covered the body of the infant.

“I knew he didn’t want her,” she said. “He was coming after me.”

During the attack, Cassy’s mother re-entered the house and beat Roscoe back with a broom despite him biting her arms. She was able to finagle him outside and call 911 to attend to Hambrick’s wounds.

“I remember it hurting so bad that I was literally screaming, ‘I just want to die. Oh God, please let me die.

Doctors estimated Hambrick sustained 30 to 40 bites with a plethora of scars on her neck, legs, arms and stomach.

“I don’t even remember his paws being on me,” she said.

Looking back at the attack the children’s mother blames herself for what her best friend had to endure.

“There’s nothing that Felicia can say or anybody can do that’s going to make me feel not guilty,” Cassy said. “If I was home, this wouldn’t have happened. She’s my best friend. Because of me, her life is forever changed.”

“I’m so thankful for her. If the dog had gotten to my baby in any way, she could have died. I’m so thankful that Felicia took that and put it on herself instead of my baby.

Roscoe has since been euthanized.


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