1. Get Rid Of These Type Of Friends

Get Rid Of These Type Of Friends

These are the types of friends that every girl has, but needs to stop hanging out with asap! From the friend who hates everything to the friend who always tries to one-up you, get rid of these toxic women…NOW!

2. Always Makes It About Them

Always Makes It About Them

Got something to say to her? Doesn’t matter, she’s already thinking of ways to respond that are directly related to her life experiences.

3. The One-Up

The One-Up

She’s always saying she’s better than you without actually saying it. She’d never have the balls to do that. But in conversation, she will always tell you know how she’s better than you.

4. The Shady Lady

The Shady Lady

Throwing shade is fun. It’s just like sarcasm. In small doses, it’s entertainment. All the time? It’s harassment and you don’t have to take it!

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