The day I met my husband, back in 2009, one of the many questions he asked me (along with the request for my phone number) was whether or not I was on Facebook. I immediately told him “No”. I did not blink. I did not stutter. I just looked him dead in his eyes and […]

Dating your ex isn't always the smartest idea. There's always a reason you broke up in the first place.

I met Jay at a party about three years after I moved to NYC. The party scene became my social life. I was out every night, going to no less than two parties a night. At my first stop on a Tuesday evening, I spotted Jay. He’s the first White guy I had my eyes […]

In the light of the recent thirst centered around the hottest mugshot on the internet since Porsha Stewart, I started reflecting on the one time when I dated a man who is a convicted felon. Seriously, Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot caused such a stir on the internet–inspiring hilarious memes and exposing great amounts of thirst from […]

I’ve declared that I would go on at least four dates a month. I’m a single girl in New York City, so I figured it wouldn’t that hard to find people to spend time with. While finding folks and letting folks find me wasn’t a big issue, the consistency in communication and the lack of […]

It was one of those snowy and frigid Friday nights when I had absolutely no desire to leave my apartment. And neither did my roommates. So we all decided to crack open a huge bottle of Ciroc I received as a Christmas gift, pretended to be snowed in and got toasty. Two cocktails in, my […]

Dating Kevin was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. He was the one that hated my vices and I was faced with a decision to make a life change or go back to being single. I chose single life, but it wasn’t the vices that broke us up–well, sort of. During the […]

There is something painfully organic about Mondays. From the moment my alarm goes off, I’m anxiously waiting for 5 O’ Clock. I’m always ready to get Monday done and over with. So after a particularly trying Monday I was elated to leave work. As I made my way to the train, I heard a man trying […]

My ex-boyfriend Anthony used to call me difficult. He always said I could never do things the easy way. I was the proverbial “let’s take the scenic route with more traffic” kind of gal. I balked at him whenever he would say it. In my mind I was just ‘doing me.’ But three years removed […]

I was lollygagging at work dreading my commute home when my fellow 9-to-5’er, Danielle Young told us a story about one of her roommates. Her roommate confided in her about her loser boyfriend. She finally got the strength to kick the John to the curb, but before Danielle could get through a commercial break of […]