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#TeamBeautiful remembers the the phenomenal women who paved the way for us to enjoy the lives we have today.

We sat down with the tennis icon to talk about American Express' Ambition Project, how to catapult more women into leadership positions and how ambition has helped Venus soar on the court.

Source: Nikita G / @nikita___G Hair artist and brand founder Nikita G gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Kross Marjorie-Rose, affectionately called Krossy, a few month ago, whom her followers watched grow before their eyes. Then one day, Kross showed up on their timelines…bald (and even more stunning). Her little curly baby hairs were […]


Source: Azikiwe Aboagye / @_azikiwe_ I’ve never known myself without my scar. In late January, 1991, my mom, eight months pregnant with my brother, received a call saying I had been rushed to Kings County Hospital. Forty percent of my infant body had been scalded by a pot of hot water. By some miracle, she […]

HB’s 2019 Hustler’s List highlights Black women across the beauty, entertainment and marketing fields. These women are blazing paths in their respective lanes while embodying the definition of a true hustler. Event producer KayCee Nwasike has been curating and building unique experiences for celebrities and brands for the past five years. The 29-year-old event producer […]

Suki decided to take action and provide comfort for those affected by the disease in hopes of spreading awareness around the world.

In an effort to promote voting awareness #TeamBeautiful teamed up with 54 other brands to launch the #OurVoteCounts initiative.

Parents are praising Renita Smith for saving their children's lives.

Don't let negative forces at your job destroy your personal brand.


These tips will help you decide if your boss is guilty of being a jerk.