Marshae Jones, 27, was indicted last month by a grand jury who found her responsible for her baby's death, not the woman who shot her.

On this episode, host Charise Frazier spoke with Chikesia Clemons, a survivor of police brutality. One year ago this week, she was launched into the public space after her violent arrest in a Saraland, Alabama, Waffle House went viral. Since that time, Chikesia has found an internal power and uses her platform to raise awareness […]

There are times in life when when we hold the power to change the narrative and Elecia's story is a shining example of just that.

Guess in Alabama, "Stand Your Ground" Laws don't apply to Black women like Jacqueline Dixon.

There's nothing more 'Merica than a Black women being held liable for her violent arrest.

Lyvia Robinson lost her precious life over a stupid joke. Just senseless.

In the deep red state, the sistas' are out there doing it for themselves and their communities.

Janizia and Raven, who have been dating since last September, claim the principal told them the school is built on "Christian values."

Perman Hardy, 59, encouraged and helped 50 people in her county get to the polls to cast their ballots.

The former NBA all-star made his announcement during a live segment of "Inside The NBA" on Thursday.

After a long proverbial republican reign, the state of Alabama elected democrat Doug Jones over Roy Moore in a special election on Tuesday night. And in the same evening Black women–the undefeated kickstand of America, quietly strolled into polling centers across the Cotton State, maybe possessed by the spirits of the unnamed, underserved Black women […]