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1. Graduation Goodies

Graduates Throwing Caps Source:Getty

Commencement is one of the most exciting and satisfying things that any student could do. It signifies the completion of not only college, but a time in a young person’s life where the possibilities are endless. Many universities (and community colleges) snag some of the biggest and brightest names like President Obama and Maya Rudolph, to deliver the keynote. Check out the best from this year, so far.

2. Michelle Obama’s Full Speech at Tuskegee University

Unapologetically Black was the name of FLOTUS’ game. “Our history provides us with a better story, a better blueprint for how we can win. It teaches us that when we pull ourselves out of those lowest emotional depths, and we channel our frustrations into studying and organizing and banding together—then we can build ourselves and our communities up. We can take on those deep-rooted problems…” Was only a snippet.

3. The President Speaks to the Lake Area Tech Class of 2015

It says a lot about your school when you get the POTUS to give your commencement speech. “Community colleges like this is a great place for people to launch careers or for people to change their careers and reach for something better.” Not every graduate is leaving a 4-year school & for those who attend community college, President Obama let it be known that it’s the way people are able to get a career all their own.

4. Denzel Washington’s Amazing Speech To Graduates At The Dillard Commencement Address!

Denzel broke his speech down to 4 parts.
1. Put God First.
2. Fail Big. “I try to give myself a goal everyday. Sometimes, it’s just not to curse somebody out.”
3. You’ll Never See A U-Haul Behind A Hearse. “It’s not how much you have, it’s what you do with what you have.”
4. I Pray That You Put Your Slippers Way Under The Bed At Night, So You Have To Get On Your Knees To Reach Them. “Say thank you in advance.”

5. Meredith Viera: 2015 Boston University Commencement Speaker

What I love most about this speech is that Viera mentioned the elephant in the room: No one wants to hire an entitled 20-something right out of college who care more about their Insta likes than being likeable in an interview. “If you want to get your foot in the door, it helps to get your fingers off your smartphones, look people in the eye, engage. You want people to actually like you, not just give you ‘likes.'”

6. 2015 Spring Commencement- Tim Scott hooding & speech

He’s the 1st Black US State Senator from SC, making him the first Black man elected to the House of Reps & The Senate, so Tim Scott is already an American Dream. “In life, you’re going to fail, the key is to fail forward. Let what you have failed at, teach you what is possible. Don’t let it stop you from achieving, let it be the foundation. I’ve failed in business, politics and academics. Failure it not final.”

7. Commencement 2015: Condoleezza Rice’s keynote speech (complete)

“When you find your passion, it is yours, not what someone else thinks it should be. Don’t let anyone define your passion for you because of your gender or the color of your skin.” She is truly a testament of this quote and her entire speech borrows moments from Rice’s life that she makes relatable for the students.

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