Graduating Magna Cum Laude is a fete worth celebrating all its own, but what about when three sisters do it at the same damn time?! That’s exactly what happened with these impressive triplets, Bre’Andria, Cre’Andria and Dre’Andria Thompson! These beautiful look-alikes graduated Magna Cum Laude with BS degrees in Chemistry from Norfolk State University’s Dozoretz […]

// This past August, the Vickie and Maurice McBride both received their PhDs from Capella University. Dr. Vickie McBride graduated with her PhD in K-12 Education and Dr. Maurice McBride in Organizational Management. When she was 13, Vickie got pregnant with Maurice. Vickie managed to continue her education, all the way through college and graduate […]

With the end of July fast approaching, many high school seniors will soon be preparing for their final year of education before heading to college, the armed services and/or the work force. Whatever your personal choices are post High School, here are 10 tips to assist in making the best of the next stage of […]

Whether you are a recent graduate from community college or just received your doctorate, there is no moment more stressful than looking for a job and wondering “What’s Next?” Unfortunately, due to the economy, the influx of entry – level positions is not as vast as it once was, but this does not mean you […]

How does one rise to the top at Harvard? This is a university where the best and the brightest from around the world gather to be even more excellent than the next. Graduating senior, Ethel “Ellie” Hylton has certainly figured out a way to stand out from the impressive crowd at Harvard. This stunning Black […]

Chelsea Pearce is the type of girl who’s tragic, yet triumphant life is the thing tear-jerking movies are made of. Spending most of her teen years living in her mother’s car, Chelsea has managed to do the damn near impossible–graduate from high school…at the top of her class. That’s not all! The impressive Charles Drew […]