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Western Barbie halloween costume

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The year in pop culture has been quite entertaining. Barbiecore ruled the world, The Little Mermaid remake starring Halle Bailey made a big splash at the box office, Beyonce′’s Renaissance World Tour boosted the economy and Marilyn Monroe returned to the Met Galasoft of. All of this makes the above pop culture moments some of the top 2023 pop culture Halloween costumes.

According to GoogleTrends, searches for pop culture Halloween costumes, are up 250%, proving people have been tuned in all year and are using the festive holiday to channel their favorite celebrity or character. From Barbie’s Cowgirl outfit to Wednesday Addams’ gothic chic LBD, they make up the hottest costumes of 2023.

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A popular new costume on the market is Britney Spear’s iconic VMAs “Slave 4 U” performance look. Expect to see every iteration of Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour wardrobe, metallics, pearls, and sparkles because RTW attendees are even costume inspirations this year. You are the visuals, baby.

Obsessed with killer doll culture? Chucky from Child’s Play and Jigsaw play into the horror Halloween costume category. Even Ari Fletcher dressed up like the creepy doll. And if all else fails, Gabrielle Union’s Bring It On cheer Captain of the East Compton Clovers and Lisa from Coming To America remain top choices.

There are dozens of other pop-culture moments that can inspire creative costumes, like Rihanna’s epic Super Bowl Halftime Show performance and pregnancy announcement. And what would a pop culture list be without Taylor Swift? Eat a piece of candy every time you see a Taylor and Travis Kelce costume this Halloween. You’ll be candy-wasted by the end of the night.

With Halloween a few moons away, here are the best and most popular 2023 pop culture Halloween costumes.

1. Barbie Cowgirl Costume

Western Barbie halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film was a massive box office success. Starring Margot Robbie as the iconic fictional character, Barbie came to life with an equally impressive wardrobe filled with fun and flirty looks that included a similar Western jumpsuit as seen here.

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2. Lisa From “Coming To America” Costume

Lisa From "Coming To America" Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

We all love the moment in Coming To America when Lisa peels back her pink veil and reveals she is the woman wearing the dress. This official Coming To America movie costume serves royalty in a pretty pink package. Get your king in this polyester gown.

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3. Jigsaw Costume

Jigsaw Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Ari Fletcher trolled her trolls, this year, with an early Halloween costume poking fun at Jigsaw doll comparisons. The Jigsaw doll became an instant pop culture costume favorite when Saw films first hit theaters and it remains an easy and go-to look. 

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4. ‘The Little Mermaid’ Costume

Little Mermaid halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Disney’s live-action remake of the beloved classic The Little Mermaid inspired fans of all ages to dress up like the fictional character for Halloween. This sexy three-piece set is for the mermaid who comes alive in the nighttime.

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5. Rollerskate Barbie

Rollerskate Barbie halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Barbie’s colorful rollerskating look is a popular costume this year. Go for a pretend skate in this five-piece set that feels like a cross between Barbie and Kanye West’s workout plan. We love a multifunctional costume, save the leotard and biker shorts for another occasion. 

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6. Dionne “Clueless” Halloween Costume

Dionne "Clueless" Source:Courtesy of Brand

Stacey Dash’s Dionne character straight out of the beloved classic “Clueless” is a pop culture fixture and Halloween costume favorite for the “it” fashion girl who doesn’t do Halloween unless she’s doing Halloween.

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7. Kim Kardashian Marilyn Monroe Met Gala Costume

kim kardashian marilyn monroe halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Kim Kardashian spent 14 hours dying her hair to achieve Marilyn Monroe’s signature platinum blonde tresses and lost 16 pounds to fit into her “Mr. President” Bob Mackie dress. We guess it was all worth if because the look is one of 2023’s top Halloween costumes. 

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8. Wednesday Addams

Wendesday Addams halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Wednesday Addams was onto something in this little black dress that works for every day. Paired with braided pigtails, you’ll be serving a stylish Halloween look while repurposing the LBD (sans the accoutrement) for another day.

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9. Britney Spears Halloween Costume

Britney Spears halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

It’s Britney, b*tch! Britney Spears’ iconic VMAs performance of her fan-favorite “Slave 4 U,” is a newcomer this Halloween, but oh so trendy! With Britney Spears on Instagram, she keeps up captivated and keeps herself trending with her dance moves. Snake not included.

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10. ‘Renaissance World Tour’ Halloween Costume

Renaissance World Tour Halloween Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Oh, you didn’t know? Beyoncé invented metallic. After requesting her Renaissance World Tour attendees wear silver to celebrate Virgo season, searches for all things shiny skyrocketed. Channel the Beyhive in this metallic jumpsuit. 

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11. Clover Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Clover Cheerleader Halloween Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Gabrielle Union fiercely portrayed the cheer captain of the East Compton Clovers in the high-flying cult classic Bring It On, and it became a go-to costume for Black women who love to show their eternal youth.

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12. Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Wednesday halloween costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams added her fashion flare to the creepy Addams Family character. With a modern pin-stripe design, Wednesday got an upgrade and Halloween gained a new favorite costume. With Y2K style trending, reimagine the skirt with an oversized blazer and high socks for a later fall day. 

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13. Chucky Child’s Play Halloween Costume

Chucky Child's Play Halloween Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

This costume isn’t for child’s play. Who knew Chucky would have such a big year with the introduction of the TV series that made killer doll lovers rejoice? Slay Halloween, literally, in this slashingly good look. Pair with nude opaque tights or leggings underneath the bodysuit to add some coverage.

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14. Lydia Deetz Costume

Lydia Deetz Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Winona Ryder’s portrayal of the cult classic character Lydia Deetz had women, everywhere, wanting to trick or treat in this pop culture-inspired costume while serving spooky glam at the same time.

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15. Pennywise Costume

Pennywise Costume Source:Courtesy of Brand

Diddy may have the Pennywise costume on lock, with his viral portrayal of the It character a few Halloween’s ago, but this costume is never going out of style. Take your costume to the next level with white face paint and killer eye shadow. 

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