School Savvy

The law says your kids must go to school whether it be a public or private institution or even at home. But there’s no written guarantee that says your kids will enjoy it. Not all kids enjoy learning and that means it will take some extra massaging of their mind with activities that will help […]

When we were growing up, a school “bully” may have shoved you or took your lunch money. Nowadays parents are faced with shocking headlines about teen and tween suicides blamed on bullying. In fact, a Yale University study shows bully victims are up to nine times more likely to think about suicide than non-victims. Shrugging off […]

If you really want to help your child impress their teacher, then forget about bringing an old apple to school. That is unless you plan to slice that apple open, throw some lemon juice on it to bind it with oxygen and prove that there are sure-fire scientific ways to keep that apple from turning […]

Reading is fundamental. It makes the world go ’round. Having an avid little reader starts at home and fostering a reader-friendly environment doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s no need for expensive curriculum promising to teach your child how to read. Everything you need is accessible for free. Here are some tips to help jump-start […]

When it’s back to school season parents around the world can be seen giving each other high fives and fist pumping in glee! But whether it’s their first year or their twelfth, for kids, back to school time can be met with a mixed range of emotions. Maybe there’s sadness that summer is over, or […]

Math was my least favorite subject in school. I remember asking one of my high school teachers to explain the point of Algebra to me! As I matured, it became obvious why I needed to be able to have the reason and logic skills that math taught me, and I learned that math could actually […]

Halloween is in a few days, and if you’re like me, on a budget, and short on time, you might be starting to worry. I’ve got your back, though. With a little creativity, the following homemade Halloween costumes can totally help your little boos and ghouls fit in with the rest of the trick or […]

This school year, Ayva joined the ranks of legions of preschoolers before her. In addition to moving up to the afternoon class at her school, she’ll also be eligible to participate in Lunch Bunch! She had a sneak peek during summer camp, where she was able to stay for an extra hour at the camp […]

In today’s digital world there are numerous online educational resources for children. Sometimes it’s hard choosing which ones are really what they say they are. Well, we did our research and found the top picks for online education resources. Here’s five sites that we think are actually quite beneficial but of course there are many […]

In a world where violence and cruelty seem to be common and almost acceptable, many parents wonder what they can do to help their children…

As the school season starts, experts warn that overloaded backpacks often result in back injuries among both children and young adults. More than 13,700 kids…

The beginning of every school year is the same. Parents take their children out for new clothes and fresh school supplies. We start figuring out the new family schedule, and stock up on healthy food to pack in lunches. All of this preparation, all of this work, is to ensure our children have everything they […]