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Finding a babysitter can be one of the most difficult tasks when you are a working mother. Knowing that someone else is going to be spending extensive time with your child can make it hard to find someone you trust. Most moms can commiserate about how difficult it is to leave their children in the […]

Every mother will tell you that time seems to just fly by. What was once a quick run to the drug store now takes an hour and that’s if you’re standing on the good side of luck and there’s no toddler tantrum. When it comes to the things that we have to get done, effective time management is […]

As a parent, nothing brings me more joy than taking pictures of my daughter. I literally have hundreds of pictures/videos of all her most precious moments and as a mommy blogger, I share them via social media sometimes. However, when Kyra Pringle decided to share a photo of her daughter, who has a rare Chromosome 2 […]

Now that we are officially counting down the days until Christmas, it’s time we start prepping our homes for our friends and family to arrive. But gone are the days that we are all slaving in the kitchen cooking Christmas dinner for hours the night before, just to fall asleep on our guests the next evening. […]

Today more than ever, you’re likely to find an adorable tot on the arm of your favorite well-dressed fashion blogger. Mommy-and-me blogs are all the rage, offering readers a two-for-one deal of style inspiration and priceless parenting advice. Whether you’re searching for this season’s “It” shoe or the best carseat for Moms on-the-go, you can find […]

#TeamBeautiful recently hosted a panel, moderated by NewsOneNow’s Roland Martin and populated with recording artist, Monica, CNN anchor and television personality T.J. Holmes, Clark Atlanta University President Dr. Carlton E. Brown, Ronald Skeete of Georgia Children’s Aid Society, 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year, Jemelleh Coes and Erica Jensen of General Mills to further promote innovative ways to improve the educational space for students. Since 1996, the Box Tops for Education program has helped […]

Even my three year old my son knows he want to own an ice cream shop when he grows up. I encourage him and listen to his ideas about running his own business, hiring a staff and ordering ice cream. Is your child interested in running a business? If so, here are 10 entrepreneurs your […]

I’ve learned from my friends who are single mothers that they face a lot of criticism and personal questions. When I think back, I’ve been guilty of “feeling bad” for single mothers too or celebrating them like they’re heroes. Let’s avoid more awkward moments in the line at the grocery store when you notice a […]

What will your kids do on Winter Break? Hopefully they’ll do a little more than sit around and sulk and complain that they’re bored like most kids typically do. So during Winter break, break-out some cool activities that will not only keep them occupied but these cool activities will earn you some cool points as […]

Gone are the days of just Ice cream and cake, today’s birthday parties are all about themes. For my daughters first birthday I knew I wanted it to be all about Minnie Mouse.  Mouse ears and pink and white polka dots? How could I resist such cuteness! But seeing as this was my first time […]

The best part of being a parent is the way regular everyday activities suddenly become adventures when you bring a child along. I’ve remarked many times about how the world completely opened up to me in a different way once I had my daughter Ayva. Now that she’s a little older, we’re more intentional in […]

It’s no secret! Parenting will be the hardest job you will ever have. There’s tons of books and not one single manual on how to be a great parent. And things get even more complicated with you meet someone, fall in love, and your families are now blended. When families “blend” to create stepfamilies, things rarely […]