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When it’s back to school season parents around the world can be seen giving each other high fives and fist pumping in glee! But whether it’s their first year or their twelfth, for kids, back to school time can be met with a mixed range of emotions.

Maybe there’s sadness that summer is over, or excitement of the start of a new school year. There can also be a bit of apprehension from children who are worried about whether or not they’ll make friends or like their teachers. If this is your child how about some back to school activities to ease the transition into a new school year.  You’ll feel organized and your child will be prepared for a great year.

Here are five reasons why back to school activities are worth the effort:

Touring can be fun

If your child is starting a new school it may help calm any jitters if you both go on tour before the school year begins.  It will get them familiar with their new school as well as a chance to meet with teachers.  Which are both beneficial for you and your child.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

Back to school for me meant shopping for new school supplies that showcased who I was creatively, or the fact that I was obsessed with My Little Pony.  Letting your child choose what pens, pencils, and notebooks they want to use encourages their creative expression while getting them excited for a new school year.

Bond Over Books

As a child one of my favorite back to school activities was creating book covers for my textbooks. I’d use recycled paper bags and with my moms help I would decorate my cover with hearts, glitter, and stickers. It was so much fun and every time I’d take one of my books out for class I’d remember the fun I had decorating.

Know Thy Neighbor

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to walk into a room and not know anyone.  As an adult it can be terrifying, so imagine what it feels like for a child. Encourage your child to introduce themselves to their classmates and watch how fast they make friends.

Set it and forget it.

During the summer your child’s schedule may consist of play, play, play. But when it’s back to school time a consistent schedule is a must. Using your child’s input will show them that you value their opinion, plus it will also set up great organizational skills, as they get older.

What activities would you recommend for an easy back to school season? Share in the comments below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Caprece Cotton-Sturdivant is a writer and new mommie who loves to share comedic tales of what she’s learned so far about being a mom. She resides in New York City with her husband and daughter who are her inspirations. Follow her blog here.

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