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Halloween is in a few days, and if you’re like me, on a budget, and short on time, you might be starting to worry. I’ve got your back, though. With a little creativity, the following homemade Halloween costumes can totally help your little boos and ghouls fit in with the rest of the trick or treaters. The best part is, I’ll bet you can find the pieces to all of these costumes right now in your home!

1. Little People Dressed As Big People

Seriously, y’all, is there anything cuter than watching your little one walk around in your shoes pretending to be you? Well, for Halloween, take it up a notch! Let your little girl wear one of your fancy dresses and costume jewelry, pin her hair up, and let her be “Fancy Mommy”. Or maybe warm Daddy’s heart by dressing the kiddos up in one of his shirts, a tie and a hat. Add a spray of cologne or perfume to really let them feel like they’re grownup!

2. Get Some Extra Wears Out Of Extracurricular Outfits

If your child is in dance or plays sports, chances are they have uniforms or outfits that they only wear when they’re participating. Let those items do double duty by pulling them out for Halloween. Add some flavor by putting special glitter makeup on your prima ballerina and pulling her hair back in a bun, or adding eye black and a fake tattoo on your little football player.

3. Makeup Something Creative

Pull out your makeup case, dust off your face painting skills and turn your child into an animal or a creature. Use your eyeliner to add whiskers and cover the tip of your little one’s nose to make them into a sweet little kitty cat. Use your red lipstick and a steady hand to turn her into the Queen of Hearts, or go all out and turn your Princess into a Butterfly!

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4. Nerd Alert

If you’ve never seen a little kid dressed like a nerd, you’re missing out! Put your child in a pair of jeans that are pulled up to their waist and put a belt around it. Add a button up shirt with pockets, suspenders, and wacky socks, and your nerd costume is complete! You’ll also be happy to know that there is finally a use for all of those 3D glasses that your child insists on bringing home after every movie. Pop the lenses out, wrap the middle with masking tape, and voila! Your very own (super cute) Steve Urkel!

5. Wrap It Up

If there’s one thing most families typically have a good supply of, it’s toilet paper. Well, put it to work outside of the bathroom. Dress your child in all white, and then use 3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper to wrap your child up as a mummy. The trick is to use the good toilet paper, and wrap each leg individually so that they’re able to walk. I know the thought of wasting toilet paper might not appeal to you, but think of how cute your little Mummy will be!

6. Oooh…on the Nineties Tip

I’m not usually a fan of dressing kids up in costumes that they don’t understand, but thanks to pop culture, everybody knows about the nineties!  Pull out your bright-colored clothing, a pair of your husbands boxers (yes, for your little girl, too…you know how we used to do!), some oversized jeans, and snow boots. Add your Beats by Dre headphones around their neck, and teach your little Bboy or BGirl some of your old dance moves. Don’t forget to take post their picture on Instagram. Hashtag? #OlSkool

What are some other easy costume ideas?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brandi Jeter-Riley lives in Northern California with her daughter and husband (both of whom she shamelessly posts pictures all over the internet!). She is the co-founder of the Pushing Lovely writing group, and blogs at Tweet her @BrandiJeter

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