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The law says your kids must go to school whether it be a public or private institution or even at home. But there’s no written guarantee that says your kids will enjoy it. Not all kids enjoy learning and that means it will take some extra massaging of their mind with activities that will help motivate them to learn. But there are ways to get them interested more in their education. Once you inspire their thirst for knowledge things will never be the same!

  • Help her organize

Your child is probably a little overwhelmed with learning. Help your child organize their books, papers and assignments and carve out a special place at home where they can store all their schoolwork. This will help your child keep things more under-control and less cluttered.

  • Celebrate his achievements

So you want a scholar but your child brings home C’s, then celebrate his achievements anyway. Your child has to feel like they’re NOT a failure and that they have the ability to soar. It’s a big deal to celebrate them for their ability because sometimes mind over matter and positive reinforcement is all they need to take it to the next level.

  • Support different kinds of learning styles — from listening and visual learning to sorting and sequencing.

There are activities and supplies that encourage open-ended play, like blocks, that will aid in the development of your child’s creative expression. Being creative is a great motivator. These activities will also help with your child’s problem-solving skills as he builds. He’ll need lots of unstructured play time to explore them.

  • Encourage him to express his opinion, talk about his feelings, and make choices.

What interests your child? Have them talk about what they like and explore fun subjects about it. Have open conversations about how it relates to real life. Allow your child to make their own choices. Allow him to have input on family decisions. Life lessons go a long way.

  • Turn everyday events into learning opportunities.

Encourage him to explore the world around him, asking questions and making connections

  • Fill your child’s world with reading.

Take turns reading with your older child, or establish a family reading time when everyone reads her own book. Fascinate your child with books that interest them. Is your child into pets? Give her a book about the evolution of various pets. Demonstrate how important reading is to you by filling your home with printed materials: novels, newspapers, even posters and placemats with words on them.

  • No pressure

Talk to your child daily about what’s happening in school but don’t pressure your kid about test scores. When you talk to your child about their school day, putting the lesson into his own words will help him retain what he learned.

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