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Someone’s finally speaking out about this Michael Phelps thing.

Correction –

Someone’s finally pointing out the fact that it’s really NO BIG DEAL.

From Livesteez:

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of daytime talk show The View, is coming to Michael Phelps’ defense. Goldberg offered her own admission: “I have smoked weed,” on Monday’s episode. Goldberg added: “That doesn’t surprise me that he’s smoking pot at a party… Pot is one of those things kids do try.” The widely circulated photo of Phelps hitting a bong was one of the show’s “hot topics” on Feb. 2. While Goldberg and Joy Behar supported Phelps’ marijuana use, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sheri Shepherd contended he’s guilty of shirking his responsibility of being a role model, and Barbara Walters stayed fairly neutral, as reported by “He’s being paid to be a spokesperson for companies,” Goldberg went on. “That’s different than being someone’s role model… He’s being asked to be perfect – he’s not being paid for that. That’s not his job.” Rather than attend high school, Goldberg got into drugs at a young age and became addicted to heroin. “Junkies never know they have to stop and I don’t know now how I did,” she has said. “All the people who stopped me are dead now. I’m the living legacy of this group of talented, wonderful dope fiends who cleaned me up and made a lasting impression.”

It’s about time. There are other things to worry about!

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