"Shark Tank" judge Barbara Corcoran made a joke about Whoopi Goldberg's weight live on-air and things got awkward when Whoopi's "View" co-host Ana Navarro clapped back.

Hollywood royalty Whoopi Goldberg covered "Variety Magazine" in celebration of the 30th anniversary of her historic Oscar win.


The popular fashion designer is out there trying to save folks from the 'Rona AND make sistas look amazing in his clothes.


#TeamWaterSign isn't afraid to take risks with their tresses.

Whoopi Goldberg is working her new Storm-white hair.


The Oscar winner allegedly didn't like being told by the talk show host that she should apologize to Whoopi for calling her "the help."


The Oscar winner did not hold back about The View co-host and Tyler Perry breaking his promises to her.

"The View" cohost apparently told the Oscar winner that Sidney Hicks is the reason why her career is failing.

The comedian pleaded her case on the morning talk show.

White feminists need to understand that women of color ain't new to this, we true to this.