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By RK Byers

With the Super Bowl over and the Saints feeling victorious, I decided to pose this season’s one football-related question that remains unanswered: Should Reggie Bush marry Kim Kardashian?

I ask this because it was rumored—rumored, that if the Saints did win the Big Game, Reggie would pop the question.

Now, trying to avoid the obvious – like the fact that some might be put off by seeing yet another wealthy Black man marry a white woman and the fact that it really isn’t anybody’s business but Reggie’s and Kim’s – I got the idea for this topic because my good friend Corey weighed in unsolicited with this, “I don’t want Reggie Bush to marry Kim Kardashian.  I’m not sure how she adds anything to his life.  We know he adds something to hers.”

Interesting, I thought. If I were Reggie, I wouldn’t marry Kim either, but not because she has no talent, no skill, and no discernable reason whatsoever for even being alive. I wouldn’t marry Kim Kardashian because she had sex on film with Ray J.

Ray J.

That would be the deal-breaker right there.

I remember when some guy tried to blackmail baseball star Gary Sheffield by threatening to release a tape of Sheffield’s wife, gospel singer DeLeon, in bed with R. Kelly. Sheffield was as cool as a fan about it. He said that he already knew about the tape; it was something that had been discussed in the marriage and it was a dead issue.

But that was R. Kelly. R. Kelly is the new-age Marvin Gaye. A man can be almost proud of his woman for being in a sex tape with Kells. Or maybe even Maxwell. Anthony Hamilton, at the very least.

But Ray J?

Just imagine you’re Reggie and you’re lined up next season, ready to take the handoff, your new wife is in the stands rooting for you and some fool linebacker from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starts singing “Sexy Can I”?

You’d have to really be in love to take that kind of abuse.

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