When most of us think about marriage, we romanticize the notion of our partners knowing every single thing about us. But the truth is, letting the man or woman in your life get to know you inside and out can leave you vulnerable in more ways than one. Should your wife know about your rainy day […]


While the music mogul is definitely grieving, folks were definitely split on this one.

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"If it's something that I want to explore, that's what I'm going to do," the singer said.

One Black woman shares her wedding story and explains why we should empathize with Meghan Markle, even though it seems like she's getting it all.

We talked to Pastor John Gray himself and broke it all down in this week's episode.

Wedding bells may soon be ringing for T.I. and Tiny again…if they can get on the same page. As the world tries to figure out their current relationship status, there’s word that Tip and Tiny would like to recommit to one another. According to HollywoodLife.com, the on-again-off-again couple is thinking about doing a vow renewal […]

"We're sisters and we talk about each other's situations all the time," Trina Braxton explained.

In their first joint interview as husband and wife, Marc & Kenya reveal they immediately knew they had found 'the one.'