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Sherri Shepherd is best known for her spot on the hit daytime talk show, “The View.” However, she has recently ventured out on her own via a new Lifetime sitcom entitled “Sherri.” The show is about a single mother, Sherri Robinson, dealing with a recent messy divorce.  In the pilot episode, Sherri learns that not only did her husband cheat, resulting in their divorce, but his 20 year old white mistress was now claiming to be 6 months pregnant.  The character struggles to deal with the news, but finds some solace in the support of her friends.  She also learns that her son’s pediatrician is smitten with her, and accordingly her declining love life begins to look up.

The show tackles real life, serious issues like infidelity, marriage and love, but manages to do so in a surprisingly comedic way. Sherri is lovable, and more important relatable. The enormity of the situation the character is placed in does not weigh too heavily on the viewer, even when Sherri and the young mistress find themselves locked in a car together with nothing to discuss but the truth.  Overall the show delivers many huge laughs and a story line that seems to be unraveling to reveal a hot ghetto  mess.  Already we have Sherri, the black woman scorned, a cheating husband and a white mistress. Cliche? Perhaps. Good TV? Definitely!

For some light entertainment and a few good laughs, we recommend Sherri. Those of you seeking complexity need not apply.


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