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Mos of us in corporate America are cramped in tiny, bland boxes that are the farthest thing from an ideal space for creating and producing fabulous work.  Here are some  tips on how to enhance your well-being and eliminate the negative effects of your surroundings from

Feng Shui Your Desk

The placement of your desk can largely affect your qi and your well-being at work. First, be sure your desk is the right size for your daily activities. The ideal place for a desk is in the command position–the opposite corner of the entranceway, where you can face outward to see who enters your office.

If you don’t have the room to move your desk, clip a small mirror to a desk lamp or place one on your computer to help you see those entering your work space. Not knowing who is coming up behind you can create a feeling of uneasiness during your workday. In an office using principles of feng shui, you’ll want a wall behind you, too. It provides energy and support.

2. Free Yourself From Clutter

Most work cubicles provide limited space to begin with and those cluttered with paper and needless tools can zap your qi. Work to keep your area neat, clean and harmonious. In addition to wasted space, clutter can distract those who enter your work area and detract from the efficiency of the business at hand. Make use of overhead cabinets for folders and files you need but don’t use all the time. Likewise, get rid of anything you do not use. Conceal cables, wires and electrical cords as much as you can and drape office equipment with attractive covers when they are not in use.

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3. Balance Color, Light and Decorations

Invite a soothing color into your cubicle that complements the area and your personal style. Adding color is the primary way you can improve your environment when you’re facing space limitations. To create a soothing workplace, bring in soft blues, natural greens and powerful purple. These are good color choices, promoting mental strength and health.

Sitting under fluorescent lights is a challenge for any cubicle-dweller and you should try to eliminate any glare shining on your face. You can replace the fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum bulbs that offer a healthier, warmer light. If this is not possible, bring in floor or desk lamps, which can offer soothing relief for your eyes and eliminate fatigue. A symmetrical crystal suspended in your cubicle can also help disperse good energy and divert glare.

Bring in plants to enhance natural energy, creativity and spur new ideas. Any sharp corners, especially those facing you, should be covered with decorative photos or green, leafy plants. To increase a flowing energy and stimulate prosperity, set up a mini waterfall in your area. By and large, turning your stagnant cubicle space into a flourishing environment can help increase your concentration, influence business dealings and awaken dormant vibrant energy.

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